Upcoming Events


We welcome everyone to participate in our events.

On 08--09-2020 Consistory amended the procedures for attending worship during Covid-19. 

1. Members must wear a mask upon entering, exiting, and greeting other members in the sanctuary.

2. Upon being seated, members may remove masks. 

3. Seating will be continued with social distancing on every third pew.  ( A change from every second pew.)


Rev. Moore advised during morning worship on 08-09-2020 “masks should be worn from entering the sanctuary until after the hymn”.

Blessings for good health and know God is always by our side,
Jim Neese, Jr.-Consistory President, Steve Everhart-Consistory Vice-President,
Pattie Leonard-Secretary, and Rev. Moore

We will be streaming Worship service at 10:30 AM each week until further notice.

Here is the Youtube Channel link  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDIz4WuP8igQstkEOq1AMTg

Choir Practice, Bible Study, Cards & Games Night, & Pilgrim Circle                   
                    are all on hold until further notice   


December  06  Worship Service in Sanctuary & Streaming 10:30 am

December  10   Finance Committee Meeting 9 am FH

December  13   Consistory Meeting 9 am FH

December  19   Daughters of the American Revolution Laying of the Wreaths  12 pm

December  24   Christmas Eve Service w/Communion  7 pm
                                 Office Closed

December  25   Merry Christmas! (Office closed)

December  27   Back Pack Program

January      01   Happy New Year! (Office closed)

January      10   Worship Service in Sanctuary & Streaming w/Communion 10:30 am


Every Sunday

Sunday School opens at 9:15 am

Sunday School classes start at 9:30 am

Worship Service at 10:30 am

Every Tuesday

Choir Practice at 3:30 pm in Sanctuary
Bible Study 6:00 am in Parlor