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Upcoming Events


We welcome everyone to participate in our events.

We will continue streaming Worship service at 10:30 AM each week.

Here is the Youtube Channel link

September 13  Quilting Sisters 8/9 am until

September 14  Choir practice 11 am Sanctuary 

September 16  DAR Meeting 12 pm FH

September 17  Consistory Meeting 8:30 am FH
                                Rev. Moore on vacation after service thru Sept. 24th

September 24   Supperless Supper Ends
                                 Stuff the Truck/Back Pack Program

October    02     Pilgrim Circle 10 am Parlor

October    05    Finance Committee Meeting 9 am Library

October    08   Consistory Meeting 8:30 am FH

Oct.     9,10,11    Making Chicken Pies FH  for  Annual Chicken Pie Sale

November  11   Annual Chicken Pie Sale  

Every Sunday

Sunday School opens at 9:15 am 

Sunday School classes start at 9:30 am in Carey Beck Classroom

Worship Service at 10:30 am

Every Tuesday 
                           Bible Study (still on hold)

Every Thursday

Choir Practice at 11:00 am in Sanctuary

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